Rep. Chip Roy: Here’s Why Biden is Deliberately Failing to Protect Our Border

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Sara welcomes her own congressman, Texas Rep. Chip Roy, to discuss issues ranging from the border crisis to the growing threat from China and why the left is “full of crap” on climate policy.

Rep. Roy tells Sara how Biden’s deliberate refusal to defend our border is part of a much bigger, more troubling agenda. He also sounds the alarm on the U.S. failing to stop China from buying up lots of U.S. farmland and how the left’s hypocrisy on China exposes how empty their climate agenda really is. But Rep. Roy also has some strong words for his fellow congressional Republicans when it comes to defense spending.

Also, Sara shares her perfect family weekend. From celebrating her daughter’s beautiful wedding to enjoying the glorious nature she saw in Wyoming, she says America is special in many, many ways and we have to fight to keep it that way.

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