Rep. Chip Roy: We Need A President Who Will Restore Sanity at the Border

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What is the issue that motivates your vote the most? Is it the economy or cultural issues? Or is it the complete debacle at our southern border?

This is shaping up to be the worst week ever for illegal immigration along the U.S.-Mexico border. And given President Biden’s total dereliction for nearly three years, that’s really saying something! So what can we do about it?

Today, Sara welcomes her congressman, Texas Tep. Chip Roy, and both of them are virtually speechless at how lawless the border has become. They also stress how vital it is for Americans to elect a president who will shut down the border and deal effectively with the millions already here illegally.

Their conversation comes on the heels of President Trump calling Rep. Roy a RINO for supporting Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis in the presidential campaign. The friction leads Sara to ask Roy a critical question: Will Republicans be able to unify behind the eventual nominee – regardless of who it is?

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Time Stamps:
0:05 America has no border
7:55 Chip Roy joins the Sara Carter Show
8:34 Is Chip Roy a RINO?
10:30 Can we reunite as a party?
14:38 The border must be fixed
17:09 Our tax dollars are being wasted
19:59 Show Close



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