Reparations – The Big Payback: Fight Club! The Case For vs. The Case Against! – Part Two

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Happy New Year! The Black Effect Presents… Reparations – The Big Payback: Fight Club! The Case For vs. The Case Against! – Part Two

Welcome to Reparations: Fight Club! A quick reminder folks, ‘snitches get stitches’! Let’s go! In part two Erika and Whitney are back, ringside, calling the shots, as the battle heats up. When we last left off, The Case Against Reparations landed a surprise-whammy that floored The Case For Reparations. As we resume this battle we discover the reason the match flipped n’ flopped. Then our next match pits The Big Easy’s Marc Morial, history buff and head of the National Urban League, against artful dodger and proud Evanstonian resident, John Foley. And finally…cue the bass note ya’ll…our Thrilla! Heavyweight genius, Michael ‘Killer Mike’ Render, delivers a first-class, Black-BBQ-Roasting to White separatist, and ‘man of constant White sorrow,’ Jared Taylor! Will the case FOR reparations finally prevail? Or will the case AGAINST reparations remain undefeated?

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