Repeat After Me, GOP: Economy, Immigration, Crime

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The stock market is plummeting, the polls are tightening, and the Biden administration is just hoping the country doesn’t fall apart right before the midterms. The GOP needs to keep the pressure on. Plus CDC Chief Rochelle Walensky tweeted out a selfie getting her fifth(!) Covid shot, and offered up some very vague nonsense about how it might be helpful based on weak trials in a few mice. Then Buck talks about the history of the character James Bond, background of the its author Ian Fleming, and how the next iteration of this timeless fiction classic could be very woke- maybe a non-binary 007? And finally, the “Woman King” movie is out, and once you learn the history of the slave-capturing, mass-beheading Dahomey Tribe of West Africa, you will be stunned that Hollywood tried to make a movie glorifying them in any way. 

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