Researchers in Hong Kong Confirm the First Case of Coronavirus Reinfection

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Researchers in Hong Kong have confirmed the first case of COVID-19 reinfection. The man who is 33 years-old, first had the coronavirus in late March and contracted the virus again in August while traveling in Europe. One thing to note, the second time around the man did not have any symptoms. Andrew Joseph, reporter at Stat News, joins us for what to know about the first COVID reinfection.

Next, The FDA has issued an emergency use authorization for convalescent plasma as a coronavirus treatment. Some 70,000 Americans have already received blood plasma as part of their treatment. While the president has said that the treatment is “very safe and effective,” The FDA did not go that far because there have been no controlled clinical trials. Sarah Owermohle, healthcare reporter at Politico, joins us for more.

Finally, as the Republican National Convention gets underway, there will be no new party platform. Instead, the GOP will fully support President Trump’s agenda. The Trump campaign released a 49-point wish list for his second term including developing a vaccine by the end of 2020, creating 10 million jobs in 10 months, and fully funding and hiring more police. Alayna Treene, White House reporter at Axios, joins us for Trump’s second term agenda.

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