Restaurant and Retail Workers Turn To Cannabis Industry for Jobs

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Where have all the restaurant and retail workers impacted by the pandemic gone? Many of them went to work in the marijuana industry. There is now an estimated 321,000 workers in the legal cannabis industry. Workers in this industry say they are finding better hours, benefits, and more opportunities to advance. Abha Bhattarai, national retail reporter at The Washington Post, joins us for marijuana jobs have been a refuge for retail and restaurant workers.

Next, the $2 trillion crypto market is heating up and so is the fight to control it. China has made some impactful decisions recently banning all crypto transaction as they make way for their own digital currency. The U.S. is currently figuring out what kind of regulations and oversight might be needed in the states to protect consumers. Claire Ballentine, personal finance reporter at Bloomberg News, joins us for more.

Finally, checking in on our furry friends and the people who help keep them healthy… the pandemic has caused all sorts of backlogs at veterinary offices. Vet staff has been increasingly stressed out as there have been spikes in demand for services, slowed-down curbside protocols, labor shortages, and pets having to be turned away in some cases. HG Watson, contributor to the Guardian, joins for what to know.

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