Restoring America Starts with Restoring Our Borders

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While the media shake their pom poms cheering for the prosecution of Donald Trump, the former president is focused on restoring the greatness of our nation. Trump’s four years in office brought us the strongest border security in many years, and he now has a plan to fix the catastrophic mess Joe Biden has aided and abetted at the Rio Grande and beyond.

In today’s podcast, Sara walks through Trump’s plan to protect our nation and shut off the flow of illegal immigration, drug trafficking, and human trafficking into our nation. She also shares her own experiences at the border and in Latin America to highlight the challenges we face and what it will take to solve them.

As Trump famously said, “If we don’t have borders, we don’t have a country.” The Biden administration is putting a bullseye on every community in America through its failure to enforce laws and flagrant encouragement for millions of people to pour into our country. Will the Trump plan be enough to correct our path?

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Time Stamps:
0:05 How do you defend your home?
4:08 Axios article
5:25 Trump’s Border Plan
6:43 Marxists shouldn’t be here
8:04 A naval blockade
10:25 Lawyer friend
12:19 Good people can’t get in
13:46 Cartels
14:34 2024
16:26 Where do our Children go?
18:57 Terrorist Ban
22:17 Known Gottaways
24:57 My testimony in Ohio
26:09 Border 911
27:54 We cannot be weak
29:00 Quicker deportations
30:25 The greatest generation
34:15 Show close

Axios Article by Stef W. Kight:

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