Retail and Restaurant Workers Move to the Cannabis Industry

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Where have all the restaurant and retail workers impacted by the pandemic gone? Many of them went to work in the marijuana industry. There is now an estimated 321,000 workers in the legal cannabis industry. Workers in this industry say they are finding better hours, benefits, and more opportunities to advance. Abha Bhattarai, national retail reporter at The Washington Post, joins us for marijuana jobs have been a refuge for retail and restaurant workers.

Next, could “luxury mystery boxes” be the future of high-end discount shopping? A new solution for selling off overstock and off-season clothing has emerged in these mystery boxes which can sell anywhere from $700 to $2000. The only catch is that you don’t know what is in the box until you open it. The high-end merch in these boxes is said to be 2-3 times the retail value of the box, but there’s a chance it could always be a bust. This has even spilled over into the online arena with unboxing videos. Jacob Gallagher, fashion reporter at the WSJ, joins us for what these mystery boxes mean for the fashion economy.

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