Reversing America’s Decline Begins with Demanding Better Schools

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Where do your kids go to school? Are they in public schools? Private education? Do you homeschool? Most importantly, are your kids getting a good education or an indoctrination?
From parents being horrified by what their kids were being taught during the pandemic to college administrators acting as lap dogs for the most radical students on campus, Americans are seeing more clearly than ever how rotten the system is.

Radical new approaches on gender identity and race are making things worse but the left-wing stranglehold on our schools has been a reality for decades. So what can you do to give your kids the education they need rather than the one the government wants them to have?

Today, Sara joins us from Philadelphia as she covers the resignation of former University of Pennsylvania President. Liz Magill. She also takes us inside the Moms for America event she hosted at Mar-a-Lago last week to give us a glimpse of how education can be different – and better.

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Time Stamps:
0:05 Our Education system is in real trouble
3:15 What does it mean to have free speech?
7:17 Mar-A-Lago event
9:12 My daughter’s school
10:59 Governor Youngkin
11:26 Talking to Moms
13:24 The testimony of college presidents
16:09 Censorship
16:21 They are lying
18:31 Things are not good in our schools
20:15 Remember your voice



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