Robinhood Data Breach and Inside an Employee Walkout at a Pennsylvania McDonald’s

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The brokerage app Robinhood is the latest company to have been hit with a data breach. In this case it is affecting about 7 million users and has been linked to a phone call where a hacker duped a customer support staffer for access. No money has been lost yet and most of the breach concerned names and email addresses, with about 300 people that had more details exposed. There is still concern as other scammers can do a lot with just names and emails. Annie Massa, investing reporter at Bloomberg News, joins us for more.

Next, we have seen walkouts and protests across the country at fast food restaurants and now we’ll take a look at a rebellion inside a McDonald’s in Bradford, Pa. Workers at this fast food chain were unhappy with wages and conditions and banded together to walkout. Frustrated with the lack of support from the franchise owner and even corporate offices the workers left and in a good twist all found better paying jobs. Online and elsewhere these workers received scathing criticism saying they were entitled, but they also got some support from others in the service industry. Greg Jaffe, national reporter at The Washington Post, joins us for how this walkout took place.

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