Romney’s Retiring, Now Let’s Replace Him with An Actual Conservative

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On Wednesday, Utah Sen. Mitt Romney announced he would not be running for another six-year term. That’s fantastic news for Utah and for conservatives, who have watched Romney side with Democrats on critical issues time and time again. And Mitt might have been shoved out of the race by Riverton Mayor Trent Staggs, who has been building support for his primary challenge against Romney for months.

Today, Mayor Staggs joins Sara to discuss Romney’s decision to retire and what the campaign will look like now that this is an open seat. They also dive into the Biden impeachment inquiry, how Staggs would deal with the border crisis, and how the conservative fight against the uniparty establishment in Utah is a tough one – but conservatives can win it and they must win it.

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Time Stamps:
0:05 The Race is Wide Open!
1:09 Trent Staggs joins the Sara Carter Show
2:14 Reaction to Romney leaving
3:42 Utah and the Border
8:36 Impeachment
9:59 What Utah wants
11:30 Police backed
15:07 Biggest issues and how to help
19:06 Show close

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Alex Jones 2023-Sep-14 Thursday