Russia vs. Ukraine: US Escalating Involvement? | 6/10/24

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Earworm weekend for Pat! Four hostages rescued by Israel. Pro-Hamas rallies continue … this time in front of the White House. Biden’s immigration executive order is doing nothing to curtail illegal immigration along the southern border. Donald Trump unveils plans for his next term. Climate activists at the U.N. try to scare us about 2030. John Fetterman: Great quotes, bad votes! Biden administration: women, gender, and diversity. How Adolf Hitler came to power. Senator Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) explains why the U.S. must continue to supply Ukraine. Pat Sajak retired from “Wheel of Fortune.” Making felonies great again! mRNA shots losing “vaccine” protection? Hollywood actor: “I’m still woke, are you?” Mistrial for Trump conviction? Truth about January 6 continues to come out.

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