Sara Finds Rampant Moral Relativism over Pro-Genocide Speech on Campus

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Is it really that hard to be opposed to advocating genocide? Most college campuses immediately condemn conservative speech as hateful and unacceptable whether it’s pro-life, pro-traditional marriage, or stating that your chromosomes determine if you are male or female. And especially if you are backing a Republican politician or policy position.

So many administrators refuse to condemn protests calling for “globalizing the intifada” or demanding a Palestinian state “from the river to the sea,” which would be the end of Israel.

Last week, three college presidents said the appropriateness of those protests depended upon the context.

On Monday at the University of Pennsylvania, Sara interviewed several students drenched in moral relativism about the issue. Some found it too complicated to have an opinion, others said they were anti-genocide but refused to be critical of someone who believed the opposite. Is it really any surprise that weak leadership at these institutions produces weak students?

Join Sara as she tells us about her conversations at Penn and her upcoming reporting at Harvard.

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Time Stamps:
0:05 I am back at an Ivy
4:42 Interviewing U Penn students
9:37 President Gay’s testimony
12:14 Our system is broken
15:23 Carol Swain
17:07 Mic Flag
19:05 Students deserve some credit
20:22 Harvard retains President Gay.
21:12 Ackman and other big donors
24:19 It is biblical
26:51 Show Close



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