Sara & the Border 911 Crew Break Down Border Security for a MASSIVE TPUSA Crowd!

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Americans of all colors and creeds are waking up to the dire reality of our border crisis. Our nation is not safe and drastic measures must be taken to correct decades of mismanagement and betrayal from the political class.

Earlier this week, Sara and her Border 911 colleagues took the stage at Turning Point USA’s America Fest to bring facts and solutions to thousands of fired-up young patriots.

To raucous applause, Sara, Mark Morgan, and Tom Homan unapologetically call out the Biden administration and “Border Czar” Kamala Harris for their decision to blow open the gates of our country for traffickers and terrorists.

It must be stopped and Border 911 is calling out the Open Borders regime at every turn.

If you enjoy today’s show, please follow TPUSA on Rumble and watch the entire conference. Sara and the entire Border 911 team are grateful for Charlie Kirk and all the young patriots that make up TPUSA.

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Time Stamps:
0:05 I just got back from AMFEST and want to share it with you!
2:43 Intros
5:50 I wake up every morning angry
6:25 Mayorkas is a liar
8:11 This is the worst I have ever seen it
10:30 You are a part of this fight
12:12 Terror at the border
17:18 The hardest part of my job
21:10 Kamala Harris and the Biden admin
25:51 We need to wake up!
28:57 Show Close



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