Sardines Will Act Like Sardines

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Dennis and Julie address a letter received about Julie using the world shalom.  Are some religious people too uptight or formal?  How bad was Senator Katie Britt’s SOTU response?  Why do we hear of Right-wing hypocrites… but never hear of Left-wing hypocrites?  Do Leftists purposefully lie… or are they unaware that they are lying?  The war on women …re-labeling… reducing women seems to be acceptable, whereas not accepted when it comes to men.   “You know what really frosts my cookies” …is that a real phrase?  People don’t care about blacks… they hate whites.  People don’t care about Palestinians… they hate Israel.  Dennis examines that Jews recovered quicker from the Holocaust than Blacks have recovered from Slavery.  Trump’s “blood bath” reference and the unwarranted outrage that followed.  Biden’s use of the term illegal and the apology tour afterward.  It is programmed into human nature to do what others do.  Driving habits in traffic are a microcosm of human existence.  “Hypocrisy is the compliment vice pays to virtue.”  – François de La Rochefoucauld.  Being offended – people are hurt even when they don’t have the right to be.  Writing important things down is a great way to remember them.

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