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Savage catches up with jazz musician Sam Gendel for an update on his music career in 2024. The pair first met in 2013 when Gendel sent Savage a collection of poetry titled “The Found Poetry of Michael Savage.” Gendel creatively transformed Savage’s words into poetry adding musical compositions. Gendel reflects on touring in Japan, describing its appreciation for offbeat and avant-garde music. The two discuss their love of jazz including Buddy Rich, Charlie Parker, Roland Kirk, and Herb Alpert. They ponder the trend of voyeurism in the social media age as Savage highlights the popularity of his cooking videos. Savage shares his own experience as a writer and emphasizes that there are no shortcuts to success or happiness, instead encouraging the importance of hard work and perspiration. The conversation then shifts to the balance between the spiritual and the animalistic aspects of life, concluding that true happiness comes from bringing them together. Listen and find out what it’s like to be a musician in the modern age and why more artists are choosing sobriety. Enjoy this wide-ranging conversation on the Michael Savage Podcast!

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