Sen. Blackburn Fights Back Against the Left’s Crime Wave

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Tennessee Sen. Marsha Blackburn joins Sara to discuss her grave concern over the rise of violent crime in her state and around the country and what she is doing in the U.S. Senate to put a stop to it. Saying that fighting crime should be a bipartisan effort, Blackburn explains how the “defund the police” movement emboldened criminals and weakened the confidence of police that they could do their jobs. She also says criminals need to serve time and not be freed just hours after committing violent offenses.

Blackburn also reacts to reports the Vanderbilt University was embracing transgender surgeries as a big moneymaker and personnel who objected on conscience grounds were told to work somewhere else.

In addition, Sara hammers the Justice Department for spending time and resources investigating allegations of white supremacy in video games and the Biden administration for making one of the president’s buddies rich by moving migrants around the country.

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