Sen. Marsha Blackburn: It’s Time to End the Google and Apple Stranglehold

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Sara welcomes Tennessee Sen. Marsha Blackburn to discuss her relentless push to end the vaccine mandate for members of the U.S. Armed Forces and how she had to work around Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer to get it done.

Blackburn also reacts to the left melting down over Elon Musk’s leadership of Twitter. And she details her efforts to rein in Apple and Google as the gigantic gatekeepers of what we are able to see and read on our devices. And she has a point blank message for parents about TikTok.

Sara also hails Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis for launching an effort to determine what sorts of cardiac and other injuries may have been triggered by the COVID vaccine and rips the Biden administration for America’s plummeting deportation rates.

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