Situation in Afghanistan Remains Tense as Main Focus Continues to Be Evacuations of Americans and Afghan Allies

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The evacuations of Americans and Afghans continues in Kabul as the situation in Afghanistan remains tense. To help with the effort, the Pentagon has enlisted the help of commercial airlines to help transport people from other temporary bases. In the meantime, new polls show that President Biden’s approval ratings have dipped below 50% and our allies around the world have also expressed disapproval of what is happening. Ginger Gibson, deputy Washington digital editor at NBC News, joins us for more fallout from Afghanistan and how it might impact Biden’s domestic agenda as he receives criticism from both Republicans and Democrats.

Next, people with dissociative identity disorder have taken their lives to YouTube and the community has tons of fans. Formerly known as multiple personality disorder, people with DID are sharing what it is like to live with the condition as well as letting their alternative personalities or “alters” come forward to be seen and answer questions.  Experts in the field who treat those with DID have expressed concern about putting their lives on YouTube but those those with DID have found community and support by sharing their stories. Lizzie Feidelson, contributor at NY Magazine, joins us for a look at Wyn, a Youtube content creator with DID.

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