Snapchat Surprises, Netflix Disappoints, Amazon Picks Up, & Robot Dogs Take Over

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Amazon is rolling out grocery pickup at Whole Foods, but Bezos may still have a few kinks to iron out to make the effort a success. Netflix reported disappointing results for its third quarter after missing subscriber targets, but Snapchat surprised the Street with a strong delivery for its investors and its advertisers. Lightshed’s Rich Greenfield and CNBC’s Julia Boorstin discuss the two platforms, and what’s to come for each. Stimulus negotiations continue on the Hill, and CNBC’s Ylan Mui tracks the possible paths forward, as well as the mounting frustration across the country. Plus, Boston Dynamics’ robot dog Spot may help keep employees safe amid the pandemic. CEO Robert Playter says if they take over menial, repetitive tasks, Spots could reduce density in the workplace, although robots are no match for human common sense. Usually. 

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