Standing Strong

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Amala Ekpunobi guest hosts for Dennis… Amala, a podcaster for PragerU, tells her story: how she moved from a leftist activist to a PragerU influencer… The NY Times has just discovered that the President is too old for the job.  What are we doing to our kids? The idea that we are confusing young children about their sexual identity is almost beyond belief. What can we do stop it?… WBNA player Brittney Griner wants the President to bail her out of a Russian jail. Does she have a new appreciation of America and its justice system?  We have to stand up to the Left or we will be steamrolled. Musician Macy Gray defiantly declared that she could define womanhood, but then was “re-educated” by the leftist mob and recanted… Both the Left and Right have a tendency to rush to judgment. It’s almost always better to wait for the facts to come in before making pronouncements.
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