Studies Find That Moderna Vaccine May Edge Out Pfizer in Overall Protection, All Vaccines Still Very Effective

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All of the available vaccines have been proven to be safe and effective against serious illness and hospitalization, but is there one that stands out above the rest? A series of studies have found that the Moderna vaccine may provide the most protection when it comes to antibodies and hospitalization. Part of it may be that the vaccine delivers a larger dose that Pfizer. Apoorva Mandavilli, reporter at the NY Times, joins us for why Moderna has the edge.

Next, schools have not been spared in the labor shortage going on in the country. There is an urgent need for more substitute teachers and cafeteria workers, but school bus drivers are also sorely needed in districts all over the country. School districts have resorted to offering signing bonuses and even paying parents to drive their own kids to school. Reid Wilson, correspondent at The Hill, joins us for the bus driver shortage.

Finally, Amazon is continuing its plans to expand beyond the online marketplace. They are planning on brick and mortar department stores where they can sell their own apparel brands with high tech dressing rooms. Apparel is seen as a big winner for the company who has over 100 private label brands and just surpassed Walmart as the country’s largest seller of clothing. Sebastian Herrera, technology reporter at the WSJ, joins us for more.

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