Supreme Court: Beacon of Reason Finds Itself in the Eye of the Storm

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Townhall Review – June 25, 2022

Sebastian Gorka turns to Victor Davis Hansen to discuss the violence and protests against pregnancy care clinics following the Supreme Court abortion decision that was leaked in draft form in early May.

Hugh Hewitt talks with Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton about the Supreme Court’s decision in a case coming out of Maine on a law that allowed families to use state resources to get a private, but not religious, education for their children.

Sebastian Gorka and Gordon Chang look at China and its shrinking economy and why it should matter to us.

Hugh Hewitt and Wisconsin Congressman Mike Gallagher talk about this week’s debate over the latest NNDA, the National Defense Authorization Act.

Seth Leibsohn talks with Pete Peterson, of the Pepperdine Graduate School of Public Policy, about the nation’s homelessness crisis.

Mike Gallagher and Mark Davis talk about the coming 2024 Presidential campaign and polling that shows Florida Governor Ron DeSantis leading former President Donald Trump.

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