Supreme Court Sides With Cursing Cheerleader in Student Free Speech Case

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The Supreme Court on Wednesday handed down a student free speech ruling siding with Brandi Levy, the cheerleader who in 2017 posted a profane Snapchat post while off-campus after she didn’t make the varsity cheer squad. Levy was then suspended from the cheer program for one year. The Justices ruled 8-1 that the punishment did violate her First Amendment rights. Bianca Quilantan, education reporter at Politico, joins us for the Court’s first major student free speech case since 2007.

Next, we have been hearing a lot about unruly passengers on flights recently and the thousands of dollars in penalties they face, but now Airline industry groups, flight attendants and lawmakers want more done to help out. Airline reps want the Attorney General to prosecute unruly passengers and there are even call for mandatory self- defense training for flight attendants who have to deal with angry flyers. Leslie Josephs, airline reporter at CNBC, joins us for more.

Finally, the idea of that one big TV hit that brings everyone together may be already dead.  Shows definitely still have their fans, and passionate ones too, but gone are the universal hits and common entertainment culture. Steven Zeitchik, entertainment business writer at the Washington Post, joins us for why big TV hits may be no more. 

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