Surveillance: Rising Yields With Koesterich

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Russ Koesterich, BlackRock Global Allocation Fund Portfolio Manager, expects rates to continue to normalize. James Bevan, CCLA Chief Investment Officer, says U.S. stimulus could lead to the risk of a melt-up in markets. Rep. Gregory Meeks, (D) New York & House Foreign Affairs Committee Chair, says we must invest in the infrastructure of our nation. Ethan Harris, BofA Securities Head of Global Economic Research. Ethan Harris, BofA Securities Head of Global Economic Research, says the fade in growth won’t be dramatic.

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The Day Someone Burped

As ships head through the Suez Canal again, global trade could take weeks to recover. Banks lose billions on hedge fund failure, but wider market chaos averted. The World Health Organization says Covid-19 came from animals, not a lab.