SWING STATE SWEEP? Inside Trump’s Powerful Plan To Win Congress & The White House

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With President Trump barrelling toward a victory in November, patriots must prepare to support Trump once he takes his oath of office.  How can we do that?

Get Trump a MASSIVE majority in both chambers of Congress. 

You know the left will lie, cheat, and smear conservatives to stop key legislation from being enacted. This is exactly why we need a massive red wave to drown out this noise and deliver long-awaited victories for the American people.

On a spectacular episode of the Sara Carter Show, Sara is joined by friend, patriot, and candidate in Virginia’s Eighth District Jerry Torres to discuss his plans to kick out Biden stooge Don Beyer in November’s election. It will be an uphill battle, but Torres shares many Virginians’ frustration with the Biden/Beyer agenda on crime, inflation, and the military.
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Time Stamps:
0:05 We need a HUGE Majority
3:59 Jerry Torres joins the Sara Carter Show
5:16 Jerry’s story
9:32 My district
12:01 Massive Crime Wave
14:00 El Salvador and migration
26:47 How to lead Virginia’s 8th
37:45 Woke Military 
41:34 How we can win in 2024

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