Teachers Unions Side with the Far-Left on Critical Race Theory

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Townhall Review for July 10, 2021

Hugh Hewitt talks to Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton about the push for Critical Race Theory in our schools and parents fighting back.

Dennis Prager looks at the National Education Association as it sides with the far left on Critical Race Theory.

Dan Proft and co-host Jennie Ives talk with Kimberly Hermann, of the Southeastern Legal Foundation, about a teacher taking the school district to court to fight against teaching Critical Race Theory.

Hugh Hewitt talks to Lanhee Chen about his decision to run for California State Controller.

Dennis Prager and Heather MacDonald, author of Diversity Delusion, talk about how scientific groups are now forced to follow politically correct protocol.

Hugh Hewitt and Washington Examiner’s Byron York examine how bickering, cost, and local government red tape got in the way of improvements and how that may have led to the deadly collapse of a Florida condominium.

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