Texas AG Ken Paxton Explains Why He’s Suing Pfizer for COVID Vaccine Deceptions

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If you wanted to get the COVID-19 vaccine, you had every right to. But what reaction did you get at work if you didn’t want to take it? Were you forced to get it anyway?

Did the government or Pfizer tell us the truth about how effective the shots would be? And was it OK for social media companies to censor your posts questioning the vaccine or the government’s policies?

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton joins Sara today to explain why he is now suing Pfizer over spreading grossly inaccurate information about the effectiveness of its vaccine in preventing COVID-19 infection and transmission.

Paxton also blasts social media companies and Pfizer for working to censor posts from people skeptical of getting the shot.
Don’t miss this conversation about Big Pharma’s lies, government pressure, and protecting your rights.

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Time Stamps:
0:05 Ken Paxton is fighting back
5:49 AG Paxton Joins the Sara Carter Show
9:21 We must have transparency on this issue
11:36 Why are they pushing this on us when it doesn’t work
12:22 Why didn’t illegal migrants have to take the vaccine?
15:47 Government pressure
17:23 What are you hoping to find in discovery?
19:50 Social media collusion
24:15 Can we help wrongly fired employees?
27:18 Show close



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