Thanksgiving Travel Could Be a Mess, Will the TSA Be Ready?

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Millions of American are expected to travel for Thanksgiving and if you are heading out, you should expect delays. One of the biggest mysteries is how many TSA agents will be in compliance with vaccine mandates for federal workers set for Nov. 22nd. The government doesn’t think there will be any delays, but long wait times are inevitable as TSA employees are leaving for other reasons too. Suzanne Rowan Kelleher, staff writer at Forbes, joins us for how holiday travel could be a mess.

Next, President Biden has been on the wrong side of the polls recently amid missteps and verbal flubs. According to a Politico/Morning Consult poll, just 44% of voters approve of his job performance and worse yet, 48% say he is not mentally fit. Beyond that, voters didn’t find him to be a clear communicator or a strong leader. Marc Caputo, national political reporter at Politico, joins us for more bad poll numbers for Biden.

Finally, everyone has done it at some point, but it might be wise to stop sucking in your stomach all the time, it could be bad for your health. We’re not talking about the occasional time when taking a picture or trying to fit into an outfit, but prolonged stomach gripping can affect your pelvic floor muscles, make it harder to take deep breaths, or cause soreness and stiffness in you lower back. Allyson Chiu, wellness reporter at The Washington Post, joins us for more.

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