The Best Of Mark Levin – 1/6/24

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This week on the Mark Levin show, just because it’s a new year does not mean we can expect anything different from the Biden Administration regarding the border, the economy, or the Middle East. We are under an insurrection right now, not January 6, and the Democrat media is accountable for the great divide in this country by not reporting the truth. Harvard’s millionaire serial plagiarist and moral reprobate Claudine Gay has become a media, civil rights, and Democrat Party hero overnight, not because she’s a victim but because she got to be president of Harvard by means of the American Marxist agenda. Also, the meaning of the 14th Amendment is clear, it was written to identify Confederate officers as insurrectionists, but Democrats are rewriting history to make that include the President so it can be applied to Trump. This won’t stop people like Chris Christie from going on The View and sounding like an unhinged blithering idiot to call Trump an insurrectionist. President Biden’s angry January 6th speech wasn’t just a speech about January 6, he was sending a message to the DOJ and Jack Smith – Trump is Hitler and you must stop him because the voters may not. This speech was directed at Jack Smith, the Supreme Court, the judges, the prosecutors, and the jury pool to stop Trump before election day. Biden’s speech insinuated that you’re Nazis because you won’t vote for him. Biden wants you to think about January 6 not about Joe Biden. He doesn’t want you to think about his utter policy failures. He doesn’t want you to think about his wide-open border. He wants you to think he’s George Washington and Donald Trump is Hitler.

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