The Best Of Mark Levin – 1/7/23

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This week on the Mark Levin Show, Ron DeSantis’ re-election as Florida’s Governor is not getting the national attention it deserves. He’s already under attack by the leftist media like the Miami Herald and getting smeared. he swamp in D.C. is not just the left or RINOs or even Washington, but the people who feed off Washington D.C. and say that they are going to save America. Beltway special interest groups lobbying in Washington claim to represent you, but they don’t represent you at all. Also, Biden is slobbering all over Mitch McConnell for passing the $1.7 trillion spending bill, because McConnell is all about helping the Democrats and screwing republicans, specifically MAGA republicans. Whatever deal may come from this holdout in the House doesn’t matter now, because the damage has already been done. We believe in representative government, not majority or minority control, but when you start to cannibalize your own, nothing good can come from it. Many of the Republican holdouts are enjoying their publicity stunt and getting as much time on TV as possible, while many conservatives get no face time whatsoever. President Biden and the media have done everything they can to exploit January 6th and are aided by the FBI to push their fake narrative. It’s sick exploitation to make us believe that this is the greatest threat on our country since the Civil War – not Pearl Harbor or 9/11. Democrats have allowed violence and bombings of the Capitol for decades under three prior presidents, but now they want to throw the book at people who did absolutely nothing but attend a rally.

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