The Best Of Mark Levin – 10/28/23

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This week on the Mark Levin Show, President Biden believes he’s the commander-in-chief of 2 countries, America, and Israel. Look at the job Biden did for America, now he wants to do that for Israel. The free world doesn’t want to be free anymore, and democracies don’t want to be democracies anymore because we have become weak and are being destroyed from within by Marxism and terrorism. Later, there was no basis for the judge in Manhattan to fine Donald Trump $5,000 because he did not like what Trump posted. This was an effort by a Democrat judge to put a scarlet letter on Trump because the defendant has the right to speak out and defend themselves. The Biden administration is in a full-court lie about everything that is taking place in the Middle East, and the American media is giving cover for it. 500 Hamas soldiers were trained in Iran, and the Biden administration continues to deny any direct link between Iran and Hamas which is very problematic. Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian is the Heinrich Himmler of the Islamonazi regime in Tehran and should not be allowed into the United Nations, and he is now directly threatening America on American soil.

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