The Best Of Mark Levin – 11/05/22

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This week on the Mark Levin Show, Democrats have spread their big lies and conspiracy theories since the attack on Paul Pelosi, which have turned out to be false. The same way they lie about Republicans cutting social security. It’s false just like the stories about the mentally ill man, David DePape, being a MAGA Republican when he’s spent most of his life as a leftwing activist. San Francisco District Attorney Brooke Jenkins held a press conference to detail the charges which include attempted murder, and kidnapping, and commented that she believes the attack was politically motivated, but interestingly gave no details on who the other targets on the attacker’s hit list were. Will the media take any accountability for how they stoke the flames of divisive rhetoric and make it look like it’s the fault of the Republicans?

This election is about the culture, the country, and the future. Crime is out of control, sanctuary cities are a haven for illegal immigrants, and Democrats are responsible for promoting it all. Yet they blame you for the anarchy and lawlessness that they allow and encourage. Since when is it a good idea to shut down energy production and increase inflation and government spending? Then, why aren’t President George W. Bush, former Speakers John Boehner, and Paul Ryan, or Governor Chris Christie speaking up and campaigning for Republican candidates in this last week before the midterm elections?

President Biden makes a political speech days before the midterms. He ignored inflation, but he promoted his big lie that the attack on Nancy Pelosi was somehow related to January 6th, instead of putting the blame on a drug-addicted, mentally ill illegal alien nudist with a history of leftwing activism. The Democrats do this because they cannot run on their records of impoverishing the citizenry and affirmatively supporting violent criminals to remain on the street.

President Biden, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are the three individuals in recent history who have done the most to destroy this country because they hate the America we know and love. They despise any system that doesn’t afford them power and work with their partners in the media to undermine our republic in the name of the democracy they incessantly speak about. They call patriots deniers but it’s they that deny individual liberty, economic prosperity, faith, morality, and the nuclear family while calling you a deplorable, racist, semi-fascist, threat to society.

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