The Best Of Mark Levin – 11/19/22

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This week on the Mark Levin Show, President Biden is beating Presidents Reagan and Trump in nominating judges and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell is helping him do it. McConnell has no agenda but to amass his own power and political survival in Washington, DC.  If Mitch McConnell and other weak Republicans continue to work against the interests of Americans then this program will lead a movement against the Republican Party. We The People have more power than McConnell, Governor Chris Christie, and President George W. Bush, it’s our country, not theirs. What is the most important issue or policy that you think a Republican congress should be focused on? The Republican’s first act was to give Democrats 12 votes to overcome a filibuster to codify same-sex marriage. Why would they vote for this rather take on inflation, gas prices, the border, etc.? Nancy Pelosi has been fired as speaker by the American people. Pelosi is a classless disgruntled backbencher that is celebrated for her policies on the border, the economy, and what she calls election deniers. 

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