The Best Of Mark Levin – 11/4/23

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This week on the Mark Levin Show, the impeachment clause of the Constitution is unique. If you have a president who conducts himself in a way that endangers the country, that’s an impeachable offense. If you have a president who will do nothing to prevent the enemy from developing a nuclear weapon and has given them proceeds to help them make nuclear weapons, that’s an impeachable offense. Israel is not going to do less than we in the United States would do and have done for their own survival, and to demand what the Israeli military do what our military and no other military would do is simply unconscionable. The White House is putting together a group to counter Islamophobia – is that what you’re seeing in the streets or at colleges? There is islamophobia and it’s horrific but it’s not in America, it’s in the Gaza Strip, Iran, Lebanon, Iraq, Syria, and most Middle East Arab countries. The Democrat media in America lies about Israel and are quick to embrace the talking points of Hamas, whether it is about casualties or an attack on a hospital or anything else. CNN is the worst offender, using Media Matters as a source for news, which is a group funded by George Soros – a notorious hater of Israel.

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