The Best of Mark Levin – 12/25/21

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On the Best of Mark Levin, so many American corporations have become so wildly unpatriotic as many hedge funds invest in communist China as do so many sports teams and news networks. Incidentally, communist China is also subsidized in the Build Back Better bill and offers a sweetheart deal for labor unions but not for employees in the private sector. Russia is expanding aggressively and will likely invade Ukraine again. Iran is months away from having a nuclear weapon and is prepared to go to war. President Biden is not prepared for the coming conflict. A Wall Street Journal poll shows Hispanic voters are evenly split between parties and split between backing Donald Trump and President Biden. It’s all about economics. A lot of people who have come to America have suffered through socialism or autocracies. They see what’s happening now and reject it. There is no reason for Congress to have Trump’s taxes; he’s a private citizen. You don’t see Congress subpoenaing other former presidents as part of their legislative agenda to write tax policy. If the Republicans win the House in 2022 they must step up and stop this warped practice.

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