The Best Of Mark Levin – 2/18/23

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This week on the Mark Levin Show, do the objects shot down over U.S. airspace, not concern President Biden? This is the problem when you are bought and paid for by China. The Biden administration says it’s not a big deal – don’t let them dumb us down. We want to know what’s going on in American skies. These Generals and Admirals can tell us about CRT but when it comes to defending airspace that’s too much to ask. Later, the Supreme Court in Israel can overturn or rewrite any laws they want. There’s no other court system in any free country that operates this way. There’s a reason why President Biden and his administration are silent on inflation today – because it’s a disaster. New inflation numbers are up and we are only going to see it get worse. Biden’s inflation reduction act increased inflation. People are now going into their personal saving accounts and their 401K’s for basic commodities as they try to just get by. Also, Senators got an intelligence briefing on the objects shot out of the sky and they didn’t learn anything they didn’t already know from the press. There’s a lot going on in this country but above all else our civil liberties are being destroyed and it’s already out of control. Meanwhile the federal government is trying to disbar and ruin lawyers like Rudy Giuliani, Joe DiGenova, and John Eastman who stand up for civil liberties. The Chinese Communist Party under Xi Jinping is now cracking down on Christianity in China, devouring the Christian faith and forcing Xi’s thoughts into the Church as if he is a God. Christian churches are being converted into propaganda centers, and Christians are brutalized as a matter of systemic policy.

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