The Best Of Mark Levin – 2/25/23

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This week on the Mark Levin Show, it’s amazing that people complain about how much money the U.S is spending in Ukraine, but it’s nothing close to the amount of money government wastes on redistribution of wealth and pursing Marxist’s agendas. Some say, why is Ukraine our business? Was it our business when Germany invaded Poland in 1939? Ukrainians want their liberty. We should be proud that we are helping to arm Ukraine with weapons. How can you unite a country when MSNBC has guests on like Wajahat Ali, who claims that Nikki Haley uses ‘brown skin to launder’ white supremacy? The left uses race to drive ideology, to drive Marxism. In the face of Russia and China, now is the time when we need real leaders and statemen. There is no Republican Presidential candidate today, announced, or unannounced, insisting we increase defense spending without footnotes. No one is talking about rebuilding the military in a comprehensive way. Nobody is talking about environmental justice or environmental equity in the aftermath of the East Palestine, Ohio disaster because it happened in a poor white area, which is why this isn’t being racialized by the media bigots on TV. It doesn’t fit the modern narrative, but if this were a different type of community we would be hearing all across the Democrat media. Railroad companies like Norfolk Southern can be sued into bankruptcy through civil lawsuits, but the government is completely protected, and nobody in the EPA or any government agency will be fired after the disaster in East Palestine, Ohio. Democrat department heads and secretaries like Pete Buttigieg are not experienced or competent people, just like their leader President Biden. Buttigieg took so long to visit East Palestine because he’s lazy and incompetent with no experience.

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