The Best Of Mark Levin – 3/16/24

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This week on the Mark Levin show, Hamas is a monstrous terrorist group funded by Iran and Qatar, among others, and is murdering hostages. They lie about everything, including casualties in Gaza. Yet, Biden, his regime and media surrogates, and jew-haters everywhere continue to use their lies about casualties as a weapon against Israel. Special counsel Robert Hur’s report concludes that President Biden repeatedly violated the Espionage Act as a senator, vice president, and a private citizen, but no charges were brought because he’s an imbecile. The difficulty for the Biden cultists in the media is that the fact of Biden’s imbecility prevented his indictment, but that imbecility should disqualify him from serving as president. Sen. Chuck Schumer is another liberal Marxist self-hating Jew like Sen Bernie Sanders and cares about nothing but power because that is all fascists and Marxists care about. Schumer hates Israel and exposed himself on the Senate floor by calling for a new Israeli election and the removal of Benjamin Netanyahu. People like Schumer and President Biden dictate to the Israeli people what to do and how to do it while favoring Hamas over Israel.

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