The Best Of Mark Levin – 3/18/23

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This week on the Mark Levin Show, just like in 2008, we have a Democrat administration and a Democrat Congress with no financial responsibility, blaming everything on President Trump yet again. We are seeing the consequences of 24 months of Democrat rule over this country – this is a manmade economic disaster, and it is not over. We have Republican candidates for president in 2024 who are more like Henry Kissinger than Ronald Reagan was, which will not go over well for America or the world when dealing with Russia and Ukraine’s battle for freedom. Meanwhile we have an incompetent buffoonish Commander in Chief who complicates these matters even more. Democrats are always about bailing out other Democrats and elite donors, but not every day Americans like the people in East Palestine, Ohio. The board of Silicon Valley Bank was filled with liberal crackpots pushing liberal causes like climate change and social justice, and in the end that was what ruined the bank. The grounds for appointing a special counsel to investigate the Biden crime family have all been met, but AG Merrick Garland refuses to do so even as more information is revealed. Hallie Biden is now the third Biden family member to receive payments from China. This would be headline news on every news platform if this were Donald Trump or any Republican, but because it is Biden’s family it is ignored even though they have been caught red handed again. Democrats and the media are in heavy cover-up mode for Biden now because there isn’t just smoke, but real fire. Joe Biden and his family are the dirtiest family to ever occupy the White House, and having so many financial ties to the communist Chinese regime while the entire law enforcement system either ignores or defends it is a scandal of massive proportions.

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