The Best Of Mark Levin – 3/4/23

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This week on the Mark Levin Show, more and more government agencies are now saying that the origin of COVID was from a Wuhan lab leak, and there is nothing but propaganda and twisted information to argue otherwise. Donald Trump and Tom Cotton were attacked for claiming it was a lab leak in 2020, and no scientific evidence was used to refute them – only attacks and claims of xenophobia. This was another coverup by the incompetent ruling class, who refuses to hold China to account in any way. The Federal Government under President Obama essentially nationalized the student loan program and phased out private lenders, and now we are on the hook for $1.6 trillion in student loan debt while President Biden is burning through our economy and our children’s future. They used the pandemic to grow the size and power of the government and don’t want to give these powers up, and student loan welfare is only one of them. Iran is now capable of creating fissile nuclear material in 12 days according to a new report from Reuters, down from old reports of taking a year, meaning Iran is that much closer to nuclear weapons. Meanwhile, we are killing our coal and fossil fuel industry in America, while China is opening new coal facilities at breakneck speed. Toxic masculinity isn’t the problem with our society, but bigotry pushed endlessly by Democrats like Doug Emhoff is, especially from Democrat leadership like President Biden and George Soros. Equality isn’t even mentioned by liberals anymore because they don’t believe in it but believe in discrimination and re-segregation disguised as equity. The Biden Administration knowingly chose their climate activism ideology and agenda over American national security and the needs of American citizens. This was confirmed in a leaked internal memo, admitting charging fossil fuel companies less drill would provide greater energy security, but instead chose to hike up royalty fees in the name of climate change. The Biden administration is literally putting their radical climate agenda before the needs of the citizens of the United States. 

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