The Best Of Mark Levin – 3/9/24

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This week on the Mark Levin show, the Supreme Court decided in a 9-0 vote that Donald Trump cannot be withheld from Colorado ballots under the Insurrection Act, saying that Congress determines whether the 14th Amendment applies. As long as Nikki Haley stays in the race she is helping President Biden, and Democrats like Jennifer Palmieri know it and admit it. There is no reason for Haley to be in the race but to sabotage President Donald Trump, not because of some righteous reason or to give voters an alternative to Trump, but because she is an egomaniac. A leftist reporter at the Washington Post declared that the party of Reagan is dead – it’s the party of Trump. This is the kind of low-IQ, uninformed propaganda we get. There have been many important speeches in the past like Lincoln’s second inaugural address. Biden will drone on at the State of the Union speech, but it only took Lincoln less than 7 minutes to give one of the greatest speeches ever. Lincoln could have yelled about threats to democracy, but he wanted none of that. He wanted to unite the nation.

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