The Best Of Mark Levin – 5/25/24

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This week on the Mark Levin Show, Mark’s interview with former FEC commissioner is part of the reason why the Alvin Bragg judge, Juan Merchan, will not allow Professor Bradley Smith to testify – because he will completely torpedo anything left of this Stalinist show trial. Smith made it clear that this Stormy Daniels NDA did not violate federal election law. The Biden propaganda networks have been pushing the Trump/Hitler comparisons through the word “Reich” and falsely accusing Trump of posting pro-Nazi advertisements. During previous times of economic hardship, many Americans have turned to fast food and processed food, but that is no longer an option with Bidenomics. President Biden is destroying the economy from the top down and killing the working class while using the power of government to advance his Democrat Marxist ideologies like student loan forgiveness. There was no need for an FBI SWAT team or criminal warrant to search Mar-A-Lago for documents, and the situation could have been handled civilly but AG Merrick Garland chose a different path. This was the most dangerous irresponsible SWAT act in American history and 100% unnecessary.

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