The Best Of Mark Levin – 5/7/22

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The reach of conservative talk radio. The New York Times has authored a malicious hit piece on Fox News Channel Host Tucker Carlson falsely claiming he is a White supremacist. However, it’s the NY Times that has the dubious past with relatives of its founder that fought for cessation because of their support for slavery. Later, it’s inevitable that our country will experience more brownouts and blackouts as Biden implements more Green New Deal policies. This leads to shortages in paper and lumber production which drives up their cost. As Biden and the degrowth climate change movement attack fossil fuels less food will be available. Less fuel, less food and housing. The American Marxist movement creates turmoil and shreds the constitution. This time it’s the Supreme Court. Democrats have threatened the independence of the Court with court-packing and Sen. Chuck Schumer even threatened two justices. This draft decision overturning Roe v. Wade was leaked to the media for political purposes to distract from Biden’s other failures. The legal reasoning for the case has always been on shaky ground and now five justices agree to correct it. If this decision goes through it would not stop abortions or stop funding for abortions. Overturning Roe v. Wade would only empower states to decide what happens regarding abortions and would have no effect on 100 million women because 100 million women don’t support abortion. Joy Reid helps to spark hate when she and her demagogue guest’s spew half-truths. Reid suggests that women are required to ask their husbands before getting an abortion on their body ignoring that it took two people to make the baby (which isn’t solely hers). Immigration and bad economic policy debased the US Dollar while hundreds of millions in federal covid spending have gone to Democrat states and our country is dwindling as a result – is that what America wants?

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