The Best Of Mark Levin – 6/1/24

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This week on the Mark Levin Show, Judge Juan Merchan is a crooked judge and was specifically appointed to handle this Trump NY case. Merchan has shredded the law and the rules of evidence, stomped all over due process, silenced Trump in most aspects of the case, and assumed jurisdiction over federal election law. The weight of precedent and the outrageous behavior of the prosecutors and Judge Merchan favor President Donald Trump. In Bush v. Gore, the United States Supreme Court interceded in the Florida Supreme Court’s deliberations because that court was changing the Florida voting system on the fly, thereby violating the Equal Protection rights of Florida voters. The state court was establishing new standards for resolving a presidential election. The Trump NDA matter is a case that should have been dismissed, and corrupted by a crooked Judge Juan Merchan, a crooked prosecutor Alvin Bragg, and an overwhelmingly Democrat jury. This underscores the point that we must turn out in large numbers to win the election and put people who love our country in positions of power.

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