The Best Of Mark Levin – 6/15/24

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This week on the Mark Levin Show, President Biden and his surrogates in the media just keep lying about what is happening on our border and the fanfare about his executive order which changes nothing. This is our country, and it does not belong to a political party or a politician, and Biden is singlehandedly making decisions that are destroying America. Hunter Biden was found guilty of Federal gun charges in three hours despite having a trial in a friendly city with a friendly prosecutor and jury, the complete opposite of the Stalinist trial Donald Trump faced in Manhattan. No matter what President Biden says he will pardon Hunter after the 2024 election. Something is happening right now that hasn’t happened in America for more than half a century – Russian warships are sitting 200 miles off the coast of Florida in Cuba. They don’t fear President Biden. What happened to the Monroe Doctrine? Russia and China are now in our hemisphere. We are sick and tired of President Biden, Marxist Democrats, and their media mouthpieces claiming Biden is saving Democracy and Donald Trump will destroy it.

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