The Best Of Mark Levin – 6/22/24

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This week on the Mark Levin Show, President Biden is desperate to hold on to power and will do anything to keep it. Biden’s use of immigration for votes is contemptible. There’s a reason he is doing this now. He and his regime are looking at any and every way to use the law, budget, policy, executive orders, and the rest to buy votes. President Biden is an expert at repeating the lies of the Democrat Marxists, just like Barack Obama and other students of Saul Alinsky who destroy, smear, and character assassinate political opponents. Biden is destroying the electoral system in order to ensure he cannot lose, all while acting as though he is the candidate who will save our democracy. The Democrat party has been conquered once and for all by people who have rejected the Constitution and Declaration of Independence. Biden and Democrats accuse Donald Trump of doing everything that they are guilty of, which is typical behavior for a Marxist. President Biden is violating the law left and right with immigration and mass amnesty, and yet Conservatives have not done enough to show that Biden is the fascistic dictator who hates Democracy and is creating the disaster we’re living in every day. The Biden Administration has been exposed for withholding and delaying shipments of weapons to Israel, and after being called out publicly by Benjamin Netanyahu they have doubled down on their lie. President Biden, Antony Blinken, the State Department, and the Democrat media are all lying to us about Israel.

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