The Best Of Mark Levin – 6/8/24

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This week on the Mark Levin Show, the Democratic Party and their surrogates are cheering what is happening to Donald Trump because The Democratic party is the new Confederacy. The idea that Congress needed to pass a bipartisan border law to revive the existing law is a lie, and President Biden is a detestable low life and a dangerous man who uses the open border for power and profit. We were told over and over by Biden and people like Alejandro Mayorkas and Karine Jean-Pierre that our southern border was secure, which have all been lies. Biden is the arsonist who burned down our secure border created under Donald Trump, and now he is acting as the savior for finally enforcing our border laws. There is an argument that will be heard by Judge Aileen Cannon on whether the appointment of Jack Smith as special council was Constitutional. Smith is the most powerful prosecutor in the United States because AG Merrick Garland gave him that power without having the authority to do so.

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