The Best Of Mark Levin – 7/16/22

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This week on The Mark Levin Show, people across America regardless of age, race, or genitalia despise the direction Joe Biden is taking the country, and are concerned over his capacity to serve as President. This investigation of Donald Trump was falsely labeled as an investigation into January 6th. The latest hearing showed us that despite all the opinions, texts, emails, and meetings President Trump did nothing to stop the transition of power. Despite all the testimony that the Committee has received, they failed to connect Trump to any interference with the election or any calls to violence. The Senate Judiciary Committee held a hearing looking at America post-roe and radical leftist law professor Khiara Bridges testified in utter absurdities. Underlying inflationary pressures continue and inflation has gone up from last year and is now at 9.1%. The month-to-month increase has cost American families $6,800 per year. The climb in cost was particularly evident in the prices of shelter, food, energy, and automobiles. In December of 2020, a Republican Congress spent trillions on a COVID bill. Democrats came into office in 2021 and pushed through a $1.9 trillion bill. Then in August 2021, Democrats voted for infrastructure bill spending trillions. Every Democrat voted for these trillions in spending as did 19 Republicans who have all contributed to the inflation we are facing today. 

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