The Best Of Mark Levin – 7/6/24

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This week on the Mark Levin Show, the Constitution won Monday. The Supreme Court majority has just made it harder to prosecute Biden for his offenses in office, starting with immigration and the special counsel’s report. The Democrats should actually thank the Court. It has been the official position of the DOJ for more than half a century that they cannot indict a sitting president for, among other reasons, it would essentially decapitate the executive branch; moreover, those involved in such a process (grand jury, prosecutor, judge, etc. ought not to hold such power over a president who is elected by the entire nation. The immunity issue flows from that — that is, if a president knows he can be indicted for his official acts by a subsequent administration after he leaves office, it would cripple his ability to exercise his duties. The new media lie is that the 6 Supreme Court justices in the immunity case are all sucking up to President Trump. Chief Justice John Roberts, who wrote the immunity decision, is no fan of Trump. Indeed, he publicly criticized Trump some years ago for Trump’s criticism of Democrat-appointed jurists. The idea that Roberts bent over backward to deliver Trump an immunity decision that allows him to order the assassination of a political opponent is so disgustingly insane on every level, its demagogues must be openly condemned — from Sonia Sotomayor to President Biden, from MSNBC to CNN, and the rest of the mouthpieces for American Marxism. It appears the Democrat party can’t even nominate a president competently. The Democrat Party and their media are split on whether to support a mentally impaired President Biden or disenfranchise millions of primary voters and pick a replacement by a relative handful of political elites and activists.

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